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Juliu Horvath created GYROTONIC® equipment and exercises after many years of intense study and self-exploration. This unique method offers the same benefits also acquired by practicing yoga, dance, gymnastics, swimming and tai chi, but is not derived from these exercises modalities.

GYROTONIC ® methodology allows users to stretch and strengthen muscles, while simultaneously stimulating and strengthening connective tissues in and around the joints of the body. These exercises are synchronized with corresponding breathing patterns, thus enhancing aerobic and cardiovascular stimulation and promoting neuro-muscular rejuvenation.



More than fifty years ago, Dr. Rolf recognized that the body is inherently a system of seamless networks of tissues rather than a collection of separate parts. These connective tissues surround, support and penetrate all of the muscles, bones, nerves and organs. Rolfing Structural Integration works on this web-like complex of connective tissues to release, realign and balance the whole body.

Rolfing has the ability to dramatically alter a person's posture and structure. Rolfing SI aims to restore flexibility, revitalize your energy and leave you feeling more comfortable in your body. People seek Rolfing as a way to ease pain and chronic stress and improve performance in their professional, athletic, and daily activities.



Pilates is a body conditioning modality that helps build flexibility and long, lean muscles, strength and endurance in the legs, abdominals, arms, hips, and back. It puts emphasis on spinal and pelvic alignment, breathing to relieve stress and allows adequate oxygen flow to muscles, developing a strong core or center (tones abdominals while strengthening the back), and improving coordination and balance. Pilates' flexible system allows for different exercises to be modified in range of difficulty from beginning to advanced. Intensity can be increased over time as the body conditions and adapts to the exercises. No muscle group is under or over trained. It enhances core strength and brings increased reach, flexibility, sure-footedness and agility.

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We offer private and semi-private training as well as small group classes and Teacher Certification Courses.
In addition, gait and structural assessments are available by a Certified Rolfer and Structural Integrator.

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Mon: 6pm, Pilates w/Erin
Wed: 9am, Reformer w/Megan
Wed: 7pm, Reformer w/Shuriu
Wed: 7:30pm, GYROTONIC® method & Barre w/Monica
Thur: 9am, Pilates w/Erin
Thur: 5pm, Reformer w/Christy
Thur: 7pm, Reformer w/Christy
Fri: 9am, Reformer w/Erin
Fri: 10am, Reformer w/Shuriu
Sat: 10am GYROKINESIS® method w/Erin